November 2016

  • 22 November, 2016

    Voluntary Administration – Second Creditors’ Meeting

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    Voluntary Administration: Purpose of Second Creditors’ Meeting

    In a voluntary administration, the purpose of the second creditors’ meeting is to allow the creditors of the company to vote on its future. Read More >

  • 15 November, 2016

    Employment law – practical tips to prevent workplace hangovers this festive season

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    No holiday for employment law

    The festive season is here. Christmas parties populate the calendars of thousands of Australian businesses around the country. While these activities are a great way to reflect on the year and acknowledge the achievements of staff and your business, history dictates that these events will yield a significant increase in workplace related risk for employers. Claims of sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, drug and alcohol use, and other potential misconduct by employees, become a reality for many business owners post-celebration. Employment law does not take a holiday and continues to regulate workplace behaviour and employment relationships regardless of the season. Read More >