How We Work

We are practical lawyers and advisors. We focus on solutions, not problems. We understand that you may have heard this from other firms before, but we understand it, we practice it every day and we mean it.

Our lawyers and advisors have been consumers of legal services in other in-house legal and commercial roles. This experience means we understand client concerns and deal with them by placing ourselves in your shoes when you are seeking our advice and assistance.

We know there is more to life than legal and business issues. We are people too. Our job is to assist our clients in resolving these issues quickly and cost effectively so they can get back to running their businesses or living their lives independent of these issues as soon as possible.

We do this by being approachable at all times, easy to talk to, easy to understand and easy to deal with in all aspects of our interaction with you. So, our advice is always clear. We are always accessible. We always listen.

It is our view that the best legal and business support isn’t just delivered by lawyers and advisors. It’s delivered by lawyers and advisors who can empathise with or quickly gain an understanding of your needs. This means at Prestige Legal & Corporate Services you’ll find experts who engage with you, who understand what you’re going through and who are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of your needs, expectations and objectives. To this end, you will also find us working collaboratively with your existing advisors or facilitating an appropriate introduction from within our established external referral network where this is required.

At Prestige Legal & Corporate Services, we have our own way of ensuring that we consistently deliver on your objectives. Our approach to your work will be based on two (2) fundamental principles:

first, we focus on your best interests, and only your best interests; and

second, we never, ever compromise on the virtues of integrity, tenacity and determination to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, underpinned by our undying commitment to be lawyers and advisors of the highest level of technical and practical competence.

We also don’t pretend to be all things to all people. If we are not the right match for you we will find a firm that is because we think everyone deserves the best in legal representation and advisory services. After all, we consider this approach is simply a reflection of our traditional values, and the right thing for us to do.

  • Skiold is a long-standing Danish company headquartered in Denmark and with operations globally. When our company made a decision to acquire interests in an Australian based entity we needed expert Australian legal advice and representation to assist us with the transaction.
    Martin Gadensgaard, Chief Financial Controller, Denmark Read More
  • Robert, Thank you for your assistance in our recent transaction in selling our Group of Businesses. You and your team made the process seamless and more importantly you took the stress out of the situation.
    Janet and Robert Hamilton, Directors, Brisbane Read More
  • Over a matter of years whilst using Prestige Legal & Corporate Services we have found them to be very responsive and effective in delivering the information and advice we required.
    Andy Panes, Director of Education, Gold Coast Read More

For more information about our approach or to speak with us about your business, please contact us or enquire now.