Corporate Crime & Investigation

Under the law, a company has its own legal identity. As a result, a company can be the subject of an investigation by Australian regulatory authorities and found guilty of a crime.

Companies and the people involved in the operation of them are often the subject of scrutiny by Australian regulators when the affairs or the conduct of the corporate entity or its officers come under notice for a variety of reasons.

Australian regulators like the ACCC, ASIC or the ATO have broad investigative powers and extensive compliance teams which seek to enforce the laws policed by these agencies.

If you or your company are issued with any notice by any of these regulators you should seek urgent legal advice and assistance.

If you or your company are already facing corporate and tax criminal charges, you need a team of experienced lawyers with a detailed understanding of commercial transactions, corporate law, tax and criminal law.

At Prestige Legal & Corporate Services, our expert team of lawyers and advisors assist companies, directors and officers involved in corporate criminal matters and investigations by providing specialist advice and representation in the following areas:

notices issued by Australian regulators (such as the ASIC, ACCC or ATO)

examinations and interviews conducted by Australian regulators

criminal allegations and charges

court appearances

For specialised and expert legal advice and representation in the area of corporate criminal matters and investigations, contact us or enquire now today.